IBC book

Dr. Galfo's Integer BASIC Compiler for the Apple II

This is an Integer BASIC Compiler that was developed in the early 80's by Dr. Chris Galfo.  It was initially self published and later released by Synergistic Software.  Back in the 1980's this compiler was reportedly used during development of some Microprose games.  Compiled programs execute about six times faster than with WOZ's original BASIC Interpreter.

Dr. Galfo sent me original Floppies and Documentation for the Integer BASIC Compiler.

IBC (Integer BASIC Compiler) came on two floppies.  The first floppy is not copy protected and contained utilities and the executive.  The second floppy contained the compiler itself.  As a form of copy protection, the compiler floppy had only two  formatted tracks (6 and 7).  This prevented a user from copying the disk using normal filesystem aware methods.  The compiler dsk image was created using a hacked version of ADT that ignored disk errors.  All the unformatted tracks of the dsk image contain an all zeros pattern.  It seems to work in emulation, even though there is data on all tracks.  Physical floppies created with this dsk image also seem to work.

Dr. Galfo's Integer BASIC Compiler software for the Apple II (system dsk)
Dr. Galfo's Integer BASIC Compiler software for the Apple II (compiler dsk)

Dr. Galfo also sent me a single IBC floppy disk.  This is a special non-copy protected version of the software that he had created years ago.

Dr. Galfo's Apple II Integer BASIC Compiler  software (1 dsk image)

Dr Galfo sent me hard copies of his documentation and a floppy with the original documentation.    I extracted the documentation from the floppy in order to produce the following pdf file.  The pdf file is formatted as much as possible in the style of the original hard copy documentation.

Dr. Galfo's Integer BASIC Compiler documentation

Dr. Galfo told me that there is no commercial value, so feel free to distribute to other vintage computer enthusiasts.

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