Replica vrs An Original- Side by Side Comparisions

(rev 0 images provided by Geoff Harrison -

These were all especially tricky areas to replicate

I/O region comparision

replica on left,rev 0 number 1.299 on right

processor detail
Part of bus and processor complex- replica on left,rev 0 number 1.299 in middle, rev 4 on right

comparision of clock sections

clock generation: left - replica on left,rev 0 number 1.299 on right.

section of rear

Portion +12 volt supply rail and surrounding area on back of board: replica on left, rev 0 number 1.299 on right

The center image is of the same section of an unpopulated board from my second run of replica's.   I attempted to make a very few minor improvements in accuracy for this run.  These tiny changes were not worth the effort and added the great risk of introducing new differences between the replica and the original.  Futher improvements will not be attempted, if more boards are built in the future.

keyboard connector area

The area between rows A and B was particularly difficult to replicate: replica on left, rev0 number 1.299 on right

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