green expansion connectors

My Apple II Rev 0 Replica Project

Component Acquisition

I've put together a complete bill of materials along with suppliers. See an online BOM listing that includes example sources and costs.  Sources and costs are constantly changing, but this listing provides you with a good idea of where parts can be found and how much they may cost. In order to find equivalent parts, I've had to resort to a variety of sources.  The major sources I'm using are Digikey, Mouser and Jameco, but have bought parts from JDR, ACE and even ebay.  There are several categories of components.

One thing that I've found along the way, is that ordering components from such a variety of online catalogs is not always a painless experience.  I've had a number of issues with delivery of wrong parts and nonfunctional parts.  The good news is that all suppliers have tried hard to resolve problems, with Mouser getting especially high marks.  In case you want to build your own vintage computer, here are some example issues I've encountered.

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