test setup
The Test Setup; The Hyperterm Window on the PC Shows Data Dumped from the Floppy Drive at Left

Modern PC to Disk ][ Interface

Current board will be used to develop a hardware interface to Disk II, as well as RWTS code that resides on micro-controller.  Final board will need an micro controller with more memory in order to buffer an multiple sectors at one time.  Initial debug will be through ASCII commands sent to the AVR's RS232 port.  Final version will most likely use a USB interface for host communications.  I expect that many copy protected disks will NOT be readable through this interface.

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proof of principal board
The Proof of Principal Board

Besides a small number of resistor and capacators, components on this board consist of:
6 pin headerAVR flash programming interface
20 pin headerDISK ][ interface
DB-9RS232 communications - to be replaced by USB in final design
max232 ICgenerates RS232 level signals - will be eliminated in USB version of this design
power jackunregulated power from 12volt 1 AMP DC wall wart
7812 with heatsinkprovides regulated 12 volt supply from unregulated 12volt DC wall wart input
7805provides regulated 5 volt supply from unregulated 12volt DC wall wart input
7662 IC
converts regulated 12 volt supply to -12 volts

All disk interface functions are handled directly by the AVR micro-controller without additional logic. The majority of the board real estate is used by the power supply and RS-232 functions.

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