Mike's Garage Sale - Apple/Macintosh/PC Stuff for Sale

Trying to clear out an accumulating pile of old Apple II/Macintosh/PC Stuff.  Listed are photos of most items,  short description, with asking price and shipping cost (to lower 48 of USA).  Make an offer, if price isn't agreeable.  At the end of the listing, is more stuff that I believe will be hard to move, so make me an offer, if you are interested.  Email mike@willegal.net if you have questions or want additional photos.  Preferred payment is through Paypal, though other means can be arranged.  Normal shipping for large items is through Fedex 3 day service.  Small items is USPS 1st class mail.

Apple 1 and Apple II rev 0 Motherboard Replica Kits and Parts rev 0 replica
Go to this page for information on Apple II replicas and parts.

Apple 1 replica
Go to this page for information on Apple 1 replicas and parts.

Apple II Motherboards

I have several Apple II motherboards available(Pre-RFI revisions).  These are parts boards - assume that it would most likely need repair and possibly parts in order to function.  Let me know what you are looking for. $15.00 plus $10 shipping.

Misc. ICs

MCM66740 character generator. I received one of these along with a small lot of 2513's I purchased for my Apple II rev 0 replica project. Data sheet can be found here:  http://www.datasheetarchive.com/preview/2297901.html
Looks like a pull.  Will refund money if it doesn't work.  $10.00 including shipping.

2513 CM10180character set
Signetics 2513  CM10180 lower case ROMs  - these are lower case mates for the more common upper case only parts used in Apple II and II+ computers and other vintage gear - character set shown (no numbers).  Repair you old gear or build your own lower case adapter for your vintage Apple II!
$10.00 each including shipping

10 MB ethernet hub inside eth
      hub box
4 port 10 MB ethernet hub, asking $10, shipping $6

In box and in working condition.
micro modem card
Hayes Micromodem 11e card, asking $5, shipping $5

Condition unknown - coupler portion is missing.

PAL frequency
Apple II PAL frequency crystal - asking $10, shipping $3

I believe that this is a PAL frequency crystal for Apple IIs.  Convert your Apple II/Apple II plus to PAL operation with this crystal and a couple of cuts and jumps on the motherboard.
Apple II EPS thing - asking $5, shipping $5

Came out of an Apple II, and if I remember right, plugs into the keyboard socket and the keyboard plugs into it. 

Other stuff that I have - make an offer - ask me to test it, if you are interested to know if it works

Macintosh Quadra 650.    I can't remember the state of the floppy drive in this unit, would need to test it, if you are interested.

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