Sparrow's Nesting
Taken in my backyard.  These House Sparrows have chased away Blue Birds and Tree Swallows over the years.  Taken with a Minolta Srt 102, 200mm F4 with 2x teleconverter.  Exposure was roughly effective F11 or F22 at 1/30th even in this daylight setting.  Camera was on a tripod, mirror lockup was used to reduce mirror shake and a cable release was used.   Film was Fuji Sensia II 100 ASA.  Note that the daylight coming in from the viewfinder actually affected meter by several stops with this effective F8 set up,  at least until my eye covered the view finder window blocking the incoming light.  It sure would be nice to have one of those pricey Tamron 300mm F2.8 lenses for situations like this.  Minolta lenses are known for the quality of their out of focus imaging.  This lens is no exception as can be seen by this example.  Note the smooth shapes and gentle transitions of colors in the background.