Mike's Camera Repair Links Page

I have tried very hard to avoid creating link pages or using outside links on my website.  The main reason is to avoid problems with dead links.  However there is some very useful information scattered around out there that is relevant to Minolta SRT cameras.  Furthermore, I don't feel it would be useful to replicate it on my site.   So here I have added links to the most relevant sites that I know about.

Links to several shutter testing devices can be found here:

You should get a copy of the Minolta SRT  service manual, if you intend to open your camera - my site does not have complete details on what you might need to know. 

Online sources for small tools and camera parts

Dick Sullivan's site contains SRT model data, repair and tuneup information including a great page on that notorious red dot - a great resource overall.

This site contains a study of the technology, complete plans and sells kits for creating silver oxide battery adapters for your camera that was designed to use mercury batteries.

Sites with information on Canonets.
Morgantown Camera and Video repair will sell you some basic external parts. For instance I bought a self timer lever, washer and screw for a SRT101 for $12.00 from them.  Not exactly cheap, but less than a parts body would be.