OK,  I live in New England.  We get beautiful fall colors here.  I have a medium format camera.  I read much  good stuff about the Fuji Film call Velvia.  I buy a roll and shoot some shots of  the fall colors.  The first day was grey and rainy.  I only used half the roll.  The second day was more promising.  This is one of two pictures that came out halfway decently exposed from the roll of 12.  Even then, notice how the shadows are completely black with no details.  What is the issue here.  Basically I think Velvia can be a wonderful film in the right conditions.  However the latitude is so small that  unless lighting is just right, you are going to have problems.  I usually shoot with available light and because of other commitments rarely have the luxury of picking the hour in which I shoot.  In other words, I need to be able to create nice pictures in less than ideal conditions.   Oh, I could probably overexpose and make other adjustments depending upon the conditions, but the conclusion I've made is that I just don't have the time to figure out this temperamental film.