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Mike's Minolta SRT Disassembly Page

Before You disassemble Your Camera

Removing The Bottom

Follow directions in the SRT service manual.

Removing The Top

Follow directions in the SRT service manual.

Removing The Viewfinder

Follow directions in the SRT service manual.

Removing The Aperture String.

This string connects the lens aperture setting with the follower in the viewfinder.  In my opinion it is best to disconnect this string, prior to removing the front base frame.  This is described in section F parts 2 through 5 of the SRT service manual.  Be very careful with the coupling ring washer as it is easily deformed.  The coupling ring itself is easily bent out of round.  Tape the aperture string to the front of the camera with masking tape.

Removing The Front Base Frame (mirror box)

Follow directions in the SRT service manual.
Once you remove the front base frame, you can no longer operate the camera, as before.  This is because pressing the shutter release, actually releases the mirror, which then fires the shutter when it is raised.  You can still operate the camera, but it is a little tricky.
  1. Cock the shutter.
  2. Depress and hold down the shutter release.
  3. Manually release the shutter.  There is a release lever on the upper left side of the mirror box area (facing the camera body from the front) that does this.  I have small fingers and can do this with my index finger, but you may need a little stick to fire it.
If you release the shutter release button prior to actually releasing the shutter, your camera will become jammed.  You can probably get it going again by pressing the shutter release button and the release lever together.  Don't force it, or you may bend something.  You can also try manually pressing the levers on the bottom of the camera to get it freed up.  Be patient and don't force anything.

Removing The Slow Shutter Speed Timing Mechanism

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