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I will not be held responsible for any damage that results from you looking at or following these ideas and designs. If you don't feel comfortable goofing around with this stuff or the possibility that you could damage something on your camera, just don't do it. Some of these repairs can be attempted without a Minolta SRT service manual, but I recommend spending the 12 dollars or so to get one. The descriptions and procedures in that manual should be followed, and I only will attempt to amplify or clarify some not so obvious points on this web site.

See the section on the tools you might need before attempting the repairs.

Mirror doesn't return after taking picture

bottom of srt

Mirror doesn't return after taking picture - it does return after cocking camera for next picture.

The root cause for this problem most likely is that the second shutter curtain is not completely closing or that it is not closing with enough force to trigger the mirror release.   First diagnose the problem.

  1. Remove the bottom cover of the camera. This is easily accomplished by unscrewing the two screws. See note about the screws on this camera in the tools page . After that you should be able to slide the cover off.
  2. Take a picture. If the mirror does not return, manually engage the mirror return mechanism by pressing on the lever that the wheel would normally hit. See picture.
  3. If the mirror does return, you have this problem.  If not, you have some other issue and should elsewhere for answers.
To be specific, the gear that spins and hits the mirror return mechanism is not hitting it with enough force to cause the mirror return mechanism to engage. This is the white gear in the picture.  Note that it has a knob on it that hits the mirror return mechanism after the shutter fires.

You might just have a lubrication problem.  Jon Goodman has provided the following picture that shows which gear to lubricate to folks on the Yahoo camera-fix group.  This is the gear hidden by the plate, not the plastic firing gear.  This simple fix has worked for a number of folks belonging to this group.
lubrication for mirror firing gear

One version of this problem, I've seen, is the second shutter curtain hanging up on the first curtain, just at the end of it's run.  Fixing this required taking out the mirror box and straightening out the lathe on the shutter curtain.

The hack described next has also worked as a temporary repair for me. Your mileage may vary.  At this point, a true fix might involve removal of the mirror box assembly and then cleaning and lubricating the shutter bearings or finding whatever is binding and preventing the shutter from completing it's run.

  1. Be careful as you work on this as you don't want loose screws wandering around the inside of your camera.
  2. First make sure your camera in NOT cocked.
  3. Then, unscrew the screw holding the mirror return firing gear on.
  4. Then adjust the position of the knob (with the stutter NOT cocked) right up to the mirror return level. Your best bet is too try to do this in place without taking the gear out of the camera, as it might be a bit tricky to get back in place.
  5. Tighten the screw back down and try your camera again.

Mirror/Camera back foam replacement

There are several places on this camera that have foam that deteriorates over time.  There is a downloadable write up for this procedure on the Micro-Tools website, which you can use as a guide.  I use  isopropyl alcohol, wooden scewers and Q-tips to clean the old foam out prior to attaching the new.  I like using the wooden skewers because they are fairly soft and easy on the finish. Jon Goodman has provided detailed instructions for SRT foam replacement in this downloadable pdf file.  He also sells foam kit under the seller name interslice on ebay.

Shutter closes right away in B mode, even when shutter button is held down

This is possible to fix, but takes some patience and care to avoid creating worse problems.  Under construction.

The meter doesn't work or is flakey

Likely causes of problems include:
loose cds cell

The focus screen is fogged

Aperture follower ring binds - doesn't rotate freely.

Loose strap mount lugs

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