Modeling Ideas for City Point


Spent an afternoon with my son at the National Train Show in Hartford.  One the main efforts was to see what kind of modules could be found with a backdrop that contained water that flowed into the layout.  We found several and it clearly isn't easy to do well.  I'm not picturing the less well done modules, but it is clearly easy to make it look un-natural, with the water appearing to flow up the backdrop.  These guys clearly know what they are doing, as they had the best presentation that included water on the backdrop.

swamp on backdrop
This picture was a display in one of the vendor's booths.   A watery swamp is on this backdrop.  Key is very low profile, so that the water doesn't appear to flow upward.  I think the fact that the water extends from side to side helps, also.

lake on backdrop
This picture was taken of the "Modelers of Distinction" layout.   The break between the layout and the backdrop can be seen, but because the water doesn't flow very far up the backdrop, it doesn't seem un-natural.


Also got some free publications from Kamblach.  One of these had an idea for a modular system.  It used an L-Girder base in which the modules could be screwed down to.   Since my last railroads L-girder system was extremely stable, it will be something I'll look into further.

I'll also be investigating lighter weight materials in order to make the layout more portable.  Using metal studs instead of 1xX pine for benchwork is just one item I'll be investigatiing.

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