City Point on December 22, 2011

down appomattox
      river from bluff
Looking down the Appomattox River towards the James River from near the National Park parking area.

Mansion and Grant's
Eppes Mansion with  Grant's Cabin and James River in background

Missing from Merricks Map is this lunette, which is overlooking the river, located just east of the line of HQ cabins.  It possibly held two field guns.  This lunette may predate the Union occupation and be a Confederate remnant from the fighting in 1862.
looking down the
      appamattox river
Looking down the James River from bluff, near the lunette.  Many of the river views have not changed much in the last 150 years.

Access Path

Further east of the Lunette, was a footpath down to the shoreline on the James River.

looking back up the
      access path

Looking back up the access path.  As you can see, the 'bluff' really isn't very significant, maybe 15 feet high.  I would probably call it a large bank, rather than a bluff.

Access road
A little further down river is Pecan Avenue cutting through the bank.  This cut appears to have surived intact, since the Civil War days.

down shoreline road
Looking down Pecan Ave and Water Street towards the business that now occupies the area of the railroad wharf and yard.  The road on the right, leads to a parking area at the foot of the bank.

looking up the James
      River Shoreline
Looking up the James River shoreline.  During the fall of 1864 and first half of 1865, there were large warehouses located here.  Now it is a quiet park.

pilings along
The riverbank is much different than during the time of the Civil War.  During the Civil War, the shore area was a large mudflat, which accounts for the large pier area that supported the warehouses, railroad and footpaths.  These are most likely later pilings.  It is unlikely that any original pilings would have survived since the Civil War.

down the james

Looking down the James River.  Except for the modern highway bridge in the background and the lack of steam and sail powered transports, the view hasn't changed much in 150 years.

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