Layout Statistics
loosely based on B&M in steam/diesel transition era
Length of mainline
currently about 45 feet
Minimum radius
original section-18" newer sections-22"
Minimum switch
original section 4 1/2 (Atlas Snap Switch) newer sections #4
Atlas code 100
Maximum grade
double loop with attached yard
primarily L-girder some new sections shelf
NCE Powerhouse Pro

Original Layout Design Notes

The original design was intended to provide an interesting layout to operate and view in a 9' by 5' space. I decided on three primary requirements to this design. In addition, I wanted to provide a way to expand the layout for longer continuous running and to provide for yards.

The design I ended up with provided all of these features, but several compromises had to be made.

The end effect of this is that I am pretty limited in the size of trains that I can run. I can only run about 6 to 8 cars per locomotive, without adding help on uphill grades. Also the snap switches and 18" radius curves limit the size of locomotives and rolling stock that I can comfortably run. The passing side will hold about 11 or 12 cars, so that is about the maximum length train that I typically run. I have implemented 2 industries on this layout. A gravel crushing plant and a stone cutting plant. Also there is "Johnstown Station" and the nearby milk stop.
Model Railroad Has Been Torn Down
My model railroad no longer exists.  It has been torn down in order to provide space for other activities.  Trains and structures are safely packed away for another day.