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Windows Instructions(go here for Macintosh instuctions )

Make sure you can run the BlackBox sample program included with Sun's commapi package. If you can run this program you most likely will have no trouble with RailRoadProgram. Here are some tips for running the program from Windows O/S. To run the program do one of the following.
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Macintosh Instructions

The Macintosh version of RailRoadProgram assumes that you have have MRJ 2.0 or later installed.

You can download the most recent version of MRJ from the Apple Java Web page:

To use MRJ 2.0, your computer must have a 68040 or PowerPC microprocessor
with at least 24 MB of RAM, 16 MB of which must be physical (that is, not
virtual memory), and 13 MB of free disk space. System 8.0 or later is suggested,
although you can install MRJ 2.0 on System 7.6.1 by specifying a custom install.
Computers running with a 68040 microprocessor must have 32-bit addressing
turned on (as speciÞed in the Memory control panel)..Use the link below to download the Macintosh version of RailRoadProgram. Unzip the downloaded file by using the application of you choice.

To run the program double click on the unzipped application.

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