Mike's Fishy Log

A Jack Dempsey in spawning color with fry


This is an online log of our project to raise of brood of young Jack Dempseys in the algae infested 55 gallon tank pictured on the frustration with algae page. We started with four young Jack Dempseys and a school of Serpae Tetras. After about 6 months of growing, two of the Dempseys paired off. The other two were harassed till one female died and I had to add a divider into the tank to save the other male. Later, I added some rocks to the tanks and the pair immediately spawned on it! Seems like they didn't have a good spawning site in the tank. The pair did a great job of raising the brood although finally when they became free swimming, I had to remove the Serpae tetras from the tank. Finally after only a few fry were left, we switched them with the Serpae tetras, who were in a 7.5 gallon tank. Unfortunately, the filter was on too strong for the tiny fish and they perished, at least that is the reason we are giving here.

Since then, The Jack Dempseys have grown and consumed the Serpae Tetras. They have also spawned a couple more times, but the fry haven't lasted long. Without the comforting presence of the Serpae Tetras, the Dempseys have been very skittish. After trying replacing the Tetras with mollies and swordtails, who didn't fare well in company with the Dempseys, we have just added some Giant Danios with very good results. Follow the links here for illustrated log entries that will bring you up to date.

Year 1999

Year 2000-2001

Year 2002-Present

4/20/02 Last Two Jack Dempsey's Given Away

5/18/02 The "New" Tank

5/20/02 Green Water/C. Sajica Spawning Already

5/26/02 C. Sajica Spawning Update

8/22/02 Algae Disappears

10/18/02 Successful Spawning

04/23/03 Cleo Dies

10/26/03 Sajica's Behavior Becomes Interesting

2/22/04 Some Sajica given away - Construction of Macquarium Proceeds