CV Programming Software
Soon after purchasing my NCE DCC system, it became clear that some programming track software would greatly enhance programming the decoders I put into my locomotives.
The Basic, Consist, Lighting and Steam Sound screens all have a similar look and feel, which is described in the next section.
Use the check boxes, radio buttons, and integer fields to setup CV values for programming. The actual CV bits affected are indicated by the description attached to the button or textbox.

Clicking on the "Prog" button next to each check box, radio button or textbox will cause only that specific value to be programmed to the loco on the main track. This is known as ops mode programming. The loco is selected by the loco number at the bottom left hand corner of the window. Programming on the main track is fire and forget. There is no way to have this program verify results without placing the loco on the programming track to read back the CVs. To read the CVs or program on the programming track, use the buttons at the bottom of the screen described next.