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My Apple II Restoration Project

Recently I pulled my old Apple II down out of the attic in order to build the " The Super D'Lux Shutter Tester ". During development of the Shutter Tester, I replaced that 25 year old machine with a just slightly more recent Apple II plus, mostly because of significant problems with the keyboard on the original Apple II.  However a slowly growing interest in restoring that original Apple II into something approximating an as delivered configuration has been taking hold of me.  This is a description of the restoration that I am proceeding with.

Parts Still Desired - will purchase for reasonable sum

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Below is a picture of the inside of my restored Apple II.  I originally purchased the machine in the spring of 1978.  It includes 1st rev keyboard, A2M001 power supply, rev 0 (replica) motherboard, integer ROMS, firmware card (with Applesoft ROMs),  original paddles, disk controller and (recent addition) super serial card.  Except for recent additions of the the super serial card, the second Disk II, and an update to DOS 3.3, it is operating much like it was back in the late 1970s.  I still have the old software and run programs like Breakout and Dragon Maze on a regular basis.


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